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Electric Feeder EK 2000

Electric feeder may be provided with a container for 50, 100, 150 kg of granules, sizes from 3 to 12 mm. Feed is thrown in batches to a distance of 4-8 meters. After setting parameters (interval of feeding and amount of one ration), the feeder operates automatically. Feeding intervals may be set for 24 hours optionally in various and even irregular intervals. The feeder and control panel are splash proof.

The product meets the requirements of the European Directive for low voltage electrical equipment 2006/95/EC (equivalent: Government Regulation No.168/1997 Coll., as amended by Government Regulation No.281/2000 Coll.) and in terms of electromagnetic compatibility it meets 2004/108/EC (equivalent: Government Regulation No. 616/2006 Coll.)

Technical Data
  • Rated operating voltage: 1 / N / PE AC 230V, 50Hz TN/S
  • Rated current: 10A
  • Fuse: 13A (16A) at min.
  • Operating conditions: from +5° C to +40° C

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